Flemington glamour goes global International models Lady Eliza and Lady Amelia Spencer with the 2023 Lexus Melbourne Cup Trophy recently in London

Flemington glamour goes global

The Melbourne Cup Carnival Fashions on the Field is a truly magical and unique celebration of fashion, where everyone’s individual sense of style converges on the people’s catwalk – it rivals any of the world’s most famous fashion events. In 2023 the competition is expanding its reach and showcasing Australian fashion and design to the world as it goes global.

Celia Purdey 20 July 2023

In its 61st year, Fashions on the Field remains an integral part of the cherished tradition and ritual of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. This extraordinary event has captivated fashion enthusiasts and racegoers for generations, with renowned writer Mark Twain noting the Melbourne Cup’s significance as far back as 1895: “It is the ‘Melbourne Cup’ that brings this multitude together. Their clothes have been ordered long ago, at unlimited cost, and without bounds as to beauty and magnificence, and have been kept in concealment until now, for unto this day are they consecrate. And so the grand-stands make a brilliant and wonderful spectacle, a delirium of colour, a vision of beauty.”

There is an enduring allure of this event, where the meticulously crafted outfits are unveiled in all their magnificence. This legacy of sartorial excellence and fashion appreciation continues to thrive, with each year revealing a new wave of creativity and sophistication.

Having garnered significant global admiration over the years, it is only fitting to evolve Fashions on the Field to include international contestants. By opening the doors wider, it will transcend borders and embrace global glamour. Fashion enthusiasts and designers from all corners of the globe are invited to partake in this iconic celebration of style and creativity.

Twin sisters Lady Eliza Spencer and Lady Amelia Spencer, renowned international models, will bring their own fashion influence to Flemington for Cup Week. The British-born twins, daughters of the late Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Charles Spencer, are VRC ambassadors for the 2023 Melbourne Cup Carnival and will serve as judges for the Carnival Fashions on the Field competition on Lexus Melbourne Cup Day on November 7 and Kennedy Oaks Day on November 9. The glamorous duo will bring an international view, having spent most of their lives in Cape Town, South Africa, before moving to London in 2021.   

Ahead of their visit, Lady Eliza Spencer and Lady Amelia Spencer shared their excitement about attending Australia’s most prestigious racing event.

"We’re thrilled to be attending the Melbourne Cup Carnival for the first time to witness the elegance and excitement first-hand,” said Lady Eliza. “It’s an honour to act as ambassadors for such an important international event that’s so widely known for its inimitable spirit and style.”

Lady Amelia agreed: “Racewear delivers the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, and we’re looking forward to seeing this come to life at Flemington. It will be wonderful to share the spirit of this world-renowned celebration of racing as judges for the famous Melbourne Cup Carnival Fashions on the Field competition.”

Anyone with a passion for fashion can become part of this magical journey. With fabulous prizes awaiting the winners, the stakes are high. Whether the outfits are whimsical and flamboyant or elegant and avant-garde, they all contribute to the vibrant tapestry that is Fashions on the Field.